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The future is here.., installer funtoo?

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Hello everyone, often talking with my friends or users of linux-gnu funtoo I was asked if it un'installer graphic. Funtoo has the advantage of being a system is not difficult (reading wiky) that puts you in the heart of the system, allows you to learn a lot and to customize the system to your liking by choosing in advance what you want. From what I see in recent developments, Daniel and his staff are making efforts to continue the work of modernization and simplification without ever take away the control system. You believe that un'installer chart used at the discretion of the user may call into question this principle? I think not but probably requires work that the staff is not trained or perhaps among all the jobs that need to be made the 'graphical installer is the least of the problems. Before using Funtoo it used Sabayon, derived gentoo that has always used the 'Fedora graphical installer and then inserted the packaging system equo / entropy. I also tried the Russian Calculate with un'installer I prefer to that of sabayon. These experiences make me think that a simplification of the installation could increase the visibility he funtoo users. What do you think?

Sorry, i'm used google-translate.


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Personally, I like the idea of Funtoo having an installer. Nevertheless, I understand the fact that investing time into writing and maintaining an installer for a rolling release distro such as Funtoo might not be that high in priority. If we were to consider this I would suggest looking at a simpler installer something like Archlinux install script or OpenBSD Installer. Nothing too fancy, simple question and answer text based installer. Saying that the online instructions for installing Funtoo have never failed me, although they look a bit scary for a beginner who just wants to copy and paste each step.

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