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/home with luks on lvm and key on /boot



Hello, I have a crypted /home (/dev/mapper/lvm-home) inside lvm, and a keyfile on /boot (/dev/sda1): /boot/keyfile

Why: On normal days, it boot automatically, but on vacations/trips I delet the /boot/keyfile and people can't access.


On ArchLinux it worked with: 

[ /etc/default/grub ]

GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="cryptdevice=/dev/mapper/lvm-home:home cryptkey=/dev/sda1:ext4:/.boot root=/dev/mapper/lvm-funtoo dolvm rootfstype=ext4"

and before: grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg


On Funtoo I tried the same and:

[ /etc/crypttab ]

home UUID=44ae1749-28d7-4f35-9948-e02b747213cf /dev/disk/by-uuid/013e1dc7-cb3f-4a90-8b4e-251179adcbe5:/keyfile luks,initramfs

[ /etc/conf.d/dmcrypt ]


With "genkernel --lvm --luks initramfs"  after all.


[ /boot/grub/grub.cfg ]

linux    /kernel-debian-sources-x86_64-5.10.40_p1 root=/dev/mapper/lvm-funtoo ro cryptdevice=/dev/mapper/lvm-home:home cryptkey=/dev/sda1:ext4:/keyfile  root=/dev/mapper/lvm-funtoo dolvm rootfstype=ext4 loglevel=7
echo    'Loading initial ramdisk ...'
initrd    /early_ucode.cpio /initramfs-genkernel-x86_64-5.10.40_p1-debian-sources


[ /etc/fstab ]

/dev/mapper/lvm-funtoo        /               ext4        defaults        0 1
/dev/sda1                                /boot        ext4        defaults        0 0
/dev/mapper/home                /home      ext4        defaults        0 0
/home/.swap                          none        swap       sw                 0 0



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Thank you for the reply!!


I tried the: 

sed '/MODULES_CRYPT/ s/\"$/ af_alg algif_skcipher\"/' -i /usr/share/genkernel/arch/$(arch)/modules_load


genkernel --clean --luks --lvm --disklabel --ramdisk-modules --fullname=$(ls /boot/initramfs-* | tail -c +17) initramfs


But stil don't work.

As the only encrypet partition is the /home (the / is not), it should work even without use kernel parametrs, right?

For example using the crypttab or dmcrypt.

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