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Stuck in @preserved-rebuild




I am stuck with 18 packages that constantly wants to be rebuilt.

emerge -vp @preserved-rebuild


No mater how many times i run @preserved-rebuild or revdep-rebuild.sh I can not get portage to be satisfied.

I have also rebuilt my whole machine with

emerge -e @world

but portage still wants to rebuild the same 18 packages.


Here is the output from emerge --info



Does anyone know how I should troubleshot this?

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You may want to start afresh with

emerge --jobs=4 --load-average=2 --emptytree --with-bdeps=y -auDN @world

Worked for me last time I got stuck. ?

Note: takes a long, long time on old(er) hardware! You may want to remove some large packages like the DE (Mate, Gnome, KDE) as well as mesa, xorg and similar to speed up the process.

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Thank you for your reply.

But a rebuild does not seem to help. I already earlier did a complete @world rebuild with --emptytree, -e.

I have distcc set up, so it "only" takes about one day ?

emerge -ep @world | genlop -p
Estimated update time: 1 day, 15 hours, 42 minutes.
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Reference /var/lib/portage/preserved_libs_registry or the output from  "portageq list_preserved_libs /"

Examine the list, it's possible more than one package could be linked to the same preserved lib.

Move or rename the preserved libs rather than deleting.  

Use revdep-rebuild to install the updated lib package if needed and rebuild/link target packages previously linked to the now hidden preserved libs. 

Repeat until all packages are linked to the updated installed libs.






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More info.
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