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AWS Image retired?


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I received a note from AWS yesterday saying that the official Funtoo images will no longer be offered on the AWS Marketplace.  Just mentioning it to make sure that it's intentional and not something AWS does automatically because they haven't been touched in a while.


We are writing to inform you that, as of December 21, 2020, Funtoo Linux will no longer offer "Funtoo Linux 
(optimized for t2 instances)" to new subscribers on AWS Marketplace. As a current subscriber, your use and 
subscription to Funtoo Linux (optimized for t2 instances) is unaffected; you can continue to create new 
instances, and any running instances will not be affected in any way. 


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I tried to spin up an image (my first time using it). The error I got seemed to suggest that it was still available to users that had already accepted the terms, but no new users could use it. I mentioned it to @drobbins on discord and he had gotten the same mail you got. He indicated he was trying to track it down and sort it out with AWS.

https://bugs.funtoo.org/browse/FL-7846 is the bug number. 

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Added bug number: FL-7846
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Thanks for the update.   I probably won't look to update my image until I'm ready to migrate my crufty old vBulletin to something else.   But given the recent unpleasantness I may look to move it to a Funtoo container when that happens.   

Not that I have any sympathy for those who are now rightfully being rounded up for their wrongdoing.  It just appears that, like so many other corporations, Amazon cannot be trusted to operate in good faith in the face of an activist mob.

Part of my motivation for supporting open source has always been to remain out from under the control of large corporations.  It was foolish of me to think that was compatible with operating out of AWS.

I appreciate the thoughts that you shared on the Twitters. Sadly, common sense is lost in a gale of hatred and stupidity on social media.

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