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When will we see gcc-4.9.2?



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Excuse me for my question: Why do You want the 4.9.2 ?

Ther's a particular reason ?



I'm using "Funtoo stable" and is very "consistent".


But If You want I can unmask the 4.9.2 for make an experiment re-emerging world (I've a i7 4771 then one day is sufficient to recompile all using the --keep-going ).


Ciao :)


PS: Ok ... since I'm a Mad man and I like to make experiments or/and tell for some errors to developers :D :D :D I'm trying to compile gcc 4.9.2 :) subsequentially I'll re-emerge world.


1 day for this ut i'm happy if i can give an hand :) :) :)

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xD Comparing with the other distros, even the Debian Testing, are using all 4.9.2 but us (in Gentoo unstable, it's not masked like here). I'd unmask it, but I'm afraid of everything is going to break. So if anybody who tries it, tells me that's it's secure, I'll do.

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As I said I have unmasked the 4.9.2

I'recompiling world (emerge -e world --keep-going).

Now it recompile libreoffice.

I had not errors.......

My PC is [i7 4771 + 16 GiB ram + nvidia x660 on MSIZ83-G47-Gaming edition.

(control the output of gcc-config -l to see what version of GCC is in use).


With precompiled distro's there is a great difference respect to compile *too.


But Debian and any precompiled distros can not be superior vs Funtoo. It's impossible ....For me it is like Ivan Drago vs "Apollo Creed" In "Rocky IV" :D :D :D

Not all is faster ... but in some cases an application compiled using the "native" are immensely superior .... for example try to open a raw image (best quality): 3 seconds vs 11 seconds :P :D.

take a lokk in questo sito.


What I say will look bad on my part. but .... debian debian debian or ubuntu or debian .... always other.

It ''s time for me that * too have their rightful recognition; and which are not milliseconds differences .......

In tests of the previous link I posted * too may be up to 4x faster than a precompiled.


Otherwise .... because all this work of Daniel, developers and users?

I repeat; with a cpu "old", one precompiled distro is for me a correct choice. But if you have an Athlon 64 x2 or better, then .. i install * too (ie Gen or Fun).

And I've choiced Funtoo .... causes Funtoo reveleation is the best of the intelligence of the great Mr. Daniel Robbins and Him developer / friends.

I think that if I'm wrong correct me.


If you encounter errors with gcc-4.9.2 please post them  :)


Good Luck :)

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The time to compile the new compiler or the time to compile software by the new compiler, for me is not important if it generate a binary code more performant than a precedent version of gcc. :)

However for now I wanted to do an experiment to work with you ..... otherwise I stay on branch "Stable" (except kernel that use the latest gentoo-sources).

Bye :) :) :)

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To compare code generate from 2 different versions of gcc is necessary to bench them.

The real difference is when You've one of the latest cpu. cause some instruction can be considered by highly version.


If You like benchmarcks, there is fore example

# emerge app-benchmarks/phoronix-test-suite

or e.g.

# time make_something

Or for other software can be made a bench using our resources .... since for phoronix


Ciao :)

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