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  1. Are you using current? Maybe check this http://forums.funtoo.org/topic/585-xf86-video-intel-crashes-at-sna-works-at-uxa/
  2. For LibreOffice, no. It requires, at least, 6GB.
  3. It may take lesser time than mine, so good luck :D
  4. An i5, SandyBridge, 2nd Generation, with /var/tmp in tmpfs.
  5. Do it at your own risk! I tried it on my Laptop, and it works, after 3:30 hrs compiling. First, add my overlay with Layman. The name is "jorgicio". https://github.com/jorgicio/jorgicio-gentoo Then, unmask my version of Libreoffice 5 ebuild (the main package and libreoffice-l10n). Also, you must unmask the libwps-0.4.0, which is needed. Then upgrade both packages, and just wait and you're done. Now, a screenshot: https://gyazo.com/9f1fe08a3dcbf4225482c2a6b64d26fd
  6. Maybe I understand the case of Pulseaudio, but xkeyboard-config? 2 days ago, 2.15 was pulled in Gentoo ebuilds tree, but not in Funtoo. I consider it important because one of the features is the support of Latam variant for Dvorak Keyboard, which I use. Thanks!
  7. Some things in Funtoo are old, and so maybe some users want to go to Gentoo. Also, some packages are left out to upgrade, such as Samba, Subunit, Python and PHP (recent versions are masked and I don't know why). I understand why GCC is still 4.9 in Funtoo, as so as GTK+3 and GNOME, which needs some work to go without Systemd and with OpenRC (which is also a little bit older). Anyways, it also ensures most of the packages (in Current) are stable and functional. Maybe more stable is Funtoo current than Gentoo unstable, as some commented.
  8. Portato is outdated. Just read the important announcement in the page: http://necoro.eu/portato/
  9. jorgicio


    I don't know why Libreoffice is forked from Gentoo. There is the 4.4.3 version.
  10. I found the problem: Kernel 4.0. I applied the patch found there: https://bugzilla.opensuse.org/show_bug.cgi?id=931917. It did the trick. The patch: https://bugzilla.opensuse.org/attachment.cgi?id=635268 EDIT: I also reported the problem in the Gentoo bugtracker, so if approved, it'll be in some next tree sync. https://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=552124 BREAKING NEWS: The patch is tested and accepted in Gentoo, so yes, it WILL be in a next sync here.
  11. I compiled globally all Python-based packages which includes all based in Python 3. Work fine with 3.4. So i think mask is not needed anymore. BTW, it's almost one year that's masked. The same i think about PHP 5.6.
  12. Well, I didn't because it's not a Funtoo problem. The ebuild is the same from Gentoo, so I reported there.
  13. Hi! I have a Sandybridge, with that Intel integrated driver, and I ever had the xf86-video-intel with sna enabled and uxa disabled. It ever worked. However, yesterday, came out a new fix, the version 2.99.917-r1, and it broke everything. I tried downgrading to the previous version, and the same happens. I also have KMS enabled. So the only workaround, by the moment, is disabling SNA and enabling UXA. It works, although I know SNA is better than UXA, but at least, it works. Does it happen the same to someone else since then?
  14. Hi! Today I tried a trick to disable (optionally) the CSD (Client-Side Decorations) in GTK+3 apps, which is forced since 3.12. For that, you need to patch it first. Luckily, the GTK+3 ebuild contains the epatch_user instruction, so it lets us apply our patches. The patch is the following: diff -r 74e017a49c0c gtk/gtkdialog.c --- a/gtk/gtkdialog.c Sat Sep 27 07:35:24 2014 +0300 +++ b/gtk/gtkdialog.c Wed Oct 01 17:34:31 2014 +0300 @@ -245,11 +245,12 @@ gint use_header_bar) { GtkDialogPrivate *priv = dialog->priv; + gboolean disable_csd = g_strcmp0 (g_gete
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