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Auto-updated ebuilds: Zoom-bin, google-chrome and others

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  • Funtoo Linux BDFL

Greetings during unusual times --

I wanted to let everyone know that the following ebuilds are currently being auto-updated using our new, amazing autogen framework. That means we will always have current versions:

  • www-client/firefox-bin
  • www-client/google-chrome
  • www-client/google-chrome-beta
  • www-client/google-chrome-unstable
  • www-client/brave-bin
  • app-admin/pass
  • app-admin/passwordsafe
  • net-misc/anydesk-bin
  • mail-client/thunderbird-bin
  • net-im/discord-bin
  • net-im/zoom-bin
  • net-im/slack-bin

More are on the way! For those working remotely, I recommend checking out zoom-bin (Zoom meetings) as well as anydesk-bin (AnyDesk) for fast remote desktop. They work great under Funtoo.

Enjoy, and stay safe.


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