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  1. Over the past few months, that seems to be the consensus. Next step for me is converting the ebuild to autogen. Then, our app-editors/emacs can be completely independent of Gentoo's.
  2. All the repos are git repositories. So usually the easiest way is to clone a fresh copy of the meta-repo. mv /var/git/meta-repo /var/git/meta-repo.old ego sync ego will clone a fresh copy of the meta-repo from Github. Since this is a case where Virtualbox crashed, I also recommend performing file system checks if they have not been performed automatically.
  3. Hi, Will you please open a bug report? https://bugs.funtoo.org/ This issue looks similar to the pygtk problems that were resolved recently. I wonder if pangox-compat needs a similar patch.
  4. Hi, Will you please open a bug report? https://bugs.funtoo.org/
  5. Right now, the general Funtoo advice is to remove pygtk (and anything that depends on it) because pygtk has been unmaintained for years. It looks like the main culprit is app-portage/porthole. gimp and nmap should upgrade without any pygtk dependency (double-check package.user and other USE flag overrides). So, you will need to remove app-portage/porthole to remove pygtk and upgrade to GNOME 3.34. I'm sorry to say that right now, the pygtk dilemma is still unresolved. It hit LXDE quite hard. The latest information is in this bug report: https://bugs.funtoo.org/browse/FL-6860
  6. The problem is that something is depending on pygtk, which currently doesn't build under the newer pango. This might be fixed in the future. Research is ongoing. Gimp should have dropped the requirement on pygtk (since we have disabled the python USE flag of Gimp by default in Funtoo). What else is pulling in pygtk? Try equery depends pygtk Also, try rerunning the command with --verbose-conflicts.
  7. Yeah, pygtk is causing some pain right now in LXDE and some of the related software packages. See https://bugs.funtoo.org/browse/FL-6860 for the latest developments.
  8. Yes, enable the corresponding gfxcard mix-in and remove VIDEO_CARDS from make.conf. There is no need to explicitly specify VIDEO_CARDS in Funtoo 1.4. https://www.funtoo.org/Make.conf/VIDEO_CARDS/Mix-ins
  9. Thank you! This was fixed in FL-6773. The additional patch disables subuid/subgid modifications in the useradd command. Problem solved.
  10. This is Docker's way of asking you to set some kernel variables. It has been a while since I set up Docker, so my memory of Docker's required kernel variables is a little hazy. You will need to research those and most likely configure them (in /etc/sysctl.conf or similar). I think some of them are required for Docker to work properly.
  11. Actually, after searching the web, I think you might need gfxcard-amdgpu. 6310 APU appears to be related to Beema and Mullins. (Mullins is in GFX7 in the X.org reference.) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_AMD_accelerated_processing_units#"Beema",_"Mullins"_(2014) Will you please post the line that appears in lspci?
  12. In general, if one graphics profile doesn't work, then try another. By "not work", typical symptoms of missing graphics drivers are software fallback rendering (very slow), the GNOME "Oops something went wrong" sad computer face, and other failure modes where desktop environments will not start. If you are concerned, you should be able to enable several generations of AMD/Radeon profiles at the same time. For instance, I have a BARTS card in this machine I am typing on, but at some point I hope to swap that with a Bonaire (couple generations later). Enabling both gfxcard-radeon (for th
  13. I tried setting those variables to 0, but useradd still complains even though the ranges have plenty of subuids/subgids to allocate. Maybe shadow-utils doesn't support this configuration? kyle@perkins ~ $ sudo useradd -m -g users -G lp,audio,cdrom,video,plugdev -u 1112 test2 Password: useradd: Can't get unique subordinate UID range useradd: can't create subordinate user IDs # # Min/max values for automatic uid selection in useradd(8) # UID_MIN 1000 UID_MAX 60000 # System accounts SYS_UID_MIN 101 SYS_UID_MAX 999 # Extra per user uids SUB_UID_MIN 100000 SUB_UID_MAX
  14. Usually, that appears when defining an overlay with a different name than the name contained in the overlay's metadata. That's a little disturbing that somehow core-kit is involved...
  15. This is a relatively new Gentoo convention. Gentoo is organizing dedicated users and groups into virtual packages, and to do this, they have created two new categories: acct-user and acct-group. Packages under these categories are virtual packages that create new Linux users and groups. The only thing that package does is make sure that the flatpak Linux group exists with a certain hard-coded gid. You may need to create a local overlay and pull that virtual package from Gentoo. I ran into this new convention when pulling the latest Emacs from Gentoo. I eventually pulled in the ac
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