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Getting Steam running in Docker



Hello all,

Setup according to the funtoo.org/Steam page.

I'm trying to get Steam working on my box here. In the photo you can see the steam-nvidia-launcher starts the container and then launches Steam. The issue is, although it says "it may take up to 10 seconds before steam comes up" steam never comes up, it just sits there as shown in the second photo.

Any ideas? Does the nvidia driver HAVE to be a minimum 435.21-r1? If so, is there another way of getting steam setup without having to go through the steam-nvidia-launcher?

Any help, and/or suggestions, would be most welcome.





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7 hours ago, drobbins said:

There are troubleshooting steps here:


Try them, let us know your results.

1/ steam-nvidia-launcher attach seems to work, but it does not come up as the steam-container 'user' on the command line prompt. You can see the prompt name in the photo.

2/ pacat works

3/ glxgears fails. (see attached photo) Note, glxgear works in a regular terminal session as shown in the second photo.



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