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  1. 1/ steam-nvidia-launcher attach seems to work, but it does not come up as the steam-container 'user' on the command line prompt. You can see the prompt name in the photo. 2/ pacat works 3/ glxgears fails. (see attached photo) Note, glxgear works in a regular terminal session as shown in the second photo.
  2. Solved it, thanks to this thread: /usr/lib and /usr/lib64 were separate directories, so I copied /usr/lib to /usr/lib64 and created a symlink from /usr/lib64 --> /usr/lib and it now compiles and installs. Unfortunately I do not have the stage 3 file I used, but I did begin this install Oct 1, 2019, if that helps.
  3. Thanks. Can someone tell me who I contact to get a login for the bug tracker?
  4. Fresh install of Funtoo 1.4. While doing a world update, ant-core fails to compile due to missing 'xml-rewrite'. Javatoolkit is installed. I tried to create a xml-rewrite and java-ant_xml-rewrite link in javatoolkit bin folder to no avail. Any idea how I can get this going again? Thanks! dev-java-ant-core-1.10.5-r2-20191013-195238.log emerge--info_ant-core-1.10.5 emerge-pqv
  5. I'm wondering if the bug is not with the libepoxy ebuild not having a dependancy on mesa-gl-headers, if that is where the file is actually coming from?
  6. I did the search for eglplatform.h on my laptop with gentoo and it shows from the mesa package so, I tried reinstalling the mesa package. libepoxy is installed now. Thank you!
  7. I'm doing a fresh install of FUNTOO and while installing networkmanager, libepoxy fails. I have tried all libepoxy's in portage, 1.4.2, 1.4.3, 1.5.1, 1.5.2, they all fail with the same error message. I'm following the FUNTOO install guide: https://www.funtoo.org/Install I have found no solutions on the net. Anyone have an idea? build.log emerge_info emerge_pqv-libepoxy
  8. Ok, thank you. I will give it shot.
  9. NOTE: unable to log into the bug tracker, so I thought I would try here. I have a fresh install of 1.4 with a debian 5.2.9_p2-r11 kernel. Issue: nvidia modules will not compile, any ideas? build.log emerge_info emerge_pqv nvidia-modules-Build_environment
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