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Eselect news show outdated news for me

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Hello and thank you for letting me in!

I want to note something that might be a bug or maybe something that have been forgotten to be adressed ??


Last Sunday I wanted to do a deep update, and I was greeted with an error message (something about CPU flags not have been set).

That problem fix is actually on Funtoo news, but I derped out and didn't find the first time. When I did a google search, I found that Gentoo users where notified on the emerge news list "eselect news"

When I tried to read the news I found that the newest one goes back to 2013! this is what i got
$News items:

  [1]      2012-05-21  (2012-05-21-portage-config-protect-if-modified - remo...
  [2]      2012-09-01  Funtoo 1.0 Profiles
  [3]      2012-11-06  (2012-11-06-PYTHON_TARGETS-deployment - removed?)
  [4]      2012-12-01  Funtoo stable branch toolchain update 
  [5]      2013-04-22  Funtoo kmod migration 
  [6]      2013-06-07  (2013-06-07-portage-preserve-libs-default - removed?)
  [7]      2013-08-23  (2013-08-23-emerge-language - removed?)
  [8]      2013-09-27  (2013-09-27-initramfs-required - removed?)

Am I forgetting something, or is the list just oudated? (using eselect news list new) 
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