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forums.funtoo.org purported to distribute malware?

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I just visited the forums and was greeted by a red page in Opera that warned me that forums.funtoo.org should not be visited because it distributes malware. I clicked the "precede anyway" button and the page loaded OK. On a possibly unrelated note, the theme on the page was completely black and had a picture of some computer game as the background. Not the usual white theme with a beachy background. Anyway, I visited http://www.scamvoid.com/check/forums.funtoo.org and found that the Russian search engine Yandex had reported the site to be distributing malware to the WOT (Web Of Trust). See this link (https://www.mywot.com/en/scorecard/forums.funtoo.org/event-40321#events) for information on the report. Does anyone here know anything about malware on this domain? Just curious.

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