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New 1.4 install - emerge kde-apps-meta failing



The libaccounts-glib-1.23 package is failing to emerge due to being compiled with "treat warnings as errors" and glib-2.62.2 having deprecated the function 'g_type_class_add_private' that is in use (there is a glib deprecation macro causes a compilation warning to be emitted if the function is referenced). The function 'g_type_class_add_private' has been deprecated since glib-2.58.

glib-2.58 is about a year old now and libaccounts-glib-1.23 is around 3 years old. On the assumption that I'm not the only person trying to run kde, I'm trying to understand how others could have compiled this package successfully without having to alter the build process to turn off the "-Werror" compilation flag?

I'm currently investigating altering the CFLAGS variable through /etc/portage/package.env to remove "-Werror" from the compilation.   it doesn't appear possible to turn off "-Werror" via CFLAGS



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