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Easy Update, Thx

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I just updated funtoo on my laptop after about 4 months since the last update. It went smoothly and only took 36 hours. I spent maybe an hour of effort on it. That is phenomenal! I am up to date and it is only Tuesday. :)


Happy solstice and all the holidays that please you! Thanks for making Funtoo!






In case a newbie is reading this, hint: if 'emerge --update @world' fails, run it again to be sure there is really a problem.  (Note: --update is listed in the OPTIONS section of the emerge manpage not the ACTIONS.) I'm guessing some dependencies (are cycles?, idk, and) require a partial progress to unblock itself. Took me only three general runs of updating @world. I think it was about 300 packages. I spent more time trying to understand a line in the new /etc/boot.conf file about 'initrd /initramfs.cpio.gz' as a 'better' way. I did not see an option for making a .gz initramfs file under the genkernel manpage or a target for the same by running 'make help' in the kernel source, and since things seem to be working, I think I'll keep it the old way unless I see a more substantial promotion of the idea.

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Great ideas, Sandro! I'm using --backtrack next time! That's exactly what I need. I'm in the habit of using bdeps, not that I understand what that means in practical terms but maybe the update goes better. lol And I did get stuck with a full partition where /usr/portage/distfiles was and used eclean-dist. I was under the impression that I could remove the whole distfiles directory (and maybe increase fetching from the Internet), but I was not sure. And the /var/tmp/portage being expendable is good to know. You distilled your tips perfectly. Yes, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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