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1.4 bash completion not working



I have a server on 1.4 upgraded from 1.3

Bash completion not working when I connect by ssh to server. It is because bash option "progcomp" is unset (but should be setted by default).

If a run a new bash shell from existing (type bash or mc) the completion is working in new shell.


On 1.3 a have no this issue.

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I found the source of issue - it is the /etc/profile:

# turn off progammable completion in bash by default:
shopt -u progcomp


17 minutes ago, bcowan said:

I just checked on a fresh container of 1.4 and on my main machine as normal user and root. shopt shows

progcomp           on

in all cases


I think that containers are nested bash shells. My containers also has no issues but main system have.

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