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Duration of 1.3 support?

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Now with 1.4 up, how long will 1.3 be supported?

Here is the reason for my question. Yesterday I started experimenting with upgrading from 1.3 to 1.4. On a test machine (Core2Duo, 2 cores at 2.53GHz, -j2) I first installed a minimal 1.3 system, basically just the stage3 and a couple extra packages (firmware for wifi card etc). Then I started upgrading it to 1.4 as per instructions. The first part of the process, up to and including gcc, took over 9h. I stopped there for now as the day was running out, I'll continue later to get a total time for this minimal system.

Now, my main system that I'm looking at upgrading isn't that much more powerful; it's a laptop with dual-core Ivy Bridge CPU at 2.6GHz. Yes it is hyperthreaded so I can expect 1.5 to 2x the performance maybe. But it's not a minimal system so I'll have to budget a couple of days at least to upgrade it to 1.4, and I'd like to plan that in advance a few months. I'm hoping thus that 1.3 will continue to be supported at least through the end of the year.


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