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GNOME 3.32 is working well

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Hey everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that as of last night, I am happily running GNOME 3.32 with no issues (I did need to fix librsvg to get SVG's to display properly, but after that, it's working great.) I successfully upgraded my dev workstation from 1.3 to 1.4. If you want to upgrade from 1.3, or install a fresh 1.4 using one of our 1.4 stages (now available for Intel only), things should work well. 

One thing to note, on both the beta 1.4 stages and a 1.3 upgrade, you will need to manually run "eselect python set --python3 python3.7" to set python3.7 to be the default python interpreter instead of 3.6. Our stages will be fixed to have this set already but this is not done yet. I will also include a copy of my post from another place on the forums about upgrading from 1.3:

So, upgrade is pretty easy this time around.I will have instructions soon. But you can basically use "standard" upgrade steps. I recommend emerge -1 glibc gcc first, then emerge -auDN @world should generally work. Report any bugs related to upgrade like failed builds because often this can be fixed by tweaking dependencies. Overall the upgrade is MUCH easier than 1.2 -> 1.3.

One trick is to remember to "eselect python set --python3 python3.7" after python-3.7 is emerged to make it default. Also, mesa right now is very picky about USE flags related to video card. For example, if you don't have a card that supports vulkan, you cannot have vulkan in USE. Same with xa and other things that were more "permissible" before.

As of yesterday, I am now happily running gnome 3.32 and it is working perfectly. I would still call things "in beta" but the remaining issues (there is a "reboot doesn't work" issue currently active, due to a missing /run/initctl -> /dev/initctl symlink) should be worked out with minor package updates.

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