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Is there a simple way to use my desktop/server to compile packages on my laptop?

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I have an old HP laptop with a 1.8GHz AMD A6-6310 APU and 4GB of RAM.  A while back I upgraded to the HDD to an SSD to extend it's life.  It works OK with Xubuntu and Devuan but I decided to try Funtoo just to see if it will work.  The install went smoothy using a generic 64bit stage3.  After setting my to use -march=btver2 I launched "emerge -e @world --exclude debian-souces-lts" and went to bed.  Today when I woke up I proceeded to install my Mate desktop and  Firefox.  Firefox alone took about 3 hours to compile. 

I really have to two choices if I want to use Funtoo on my laptop.  The first is that I can do all of the compiling locally and set the laptop aside for a full day or two every month while it updates.  This is what I did years ago when I had Gentoo on a laptop but I know that I don't want to do that because there will come a time when I need it and will have to stop major update in the middle of compiling just to use it.  The other option is to leverage my network and use desktop and/or server to do some or all of the compiling.  That is really what I would like to do.

I have read about distcc in the past but I have never set it up.  I can't seem to find any official Funtoo docs for it (the Gentoo docs are polluted with systemdon't dependencies) but there are old and most likely outdated docs for a package called called CrossDev.  My third option could be fchroot but unless I am wrong it only works with ARM targets.  It would be nice to be wrong. 

So which of these three options would come closest to an out-of-the-box cross-compiler solution between Intel and AMD CPUs:  distcc, CrossDev, or fchroot?

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