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Hello All.


First off, kudos for finding a way around systemd and GNOME. What a pain in the ass that migration would be.


second off, I'm having some behavioral issues with GNOME. I think it might be on the video front, but also might be on the power front (power up, power down, log out, restart, etc). I'm putting them in the same topic because I believe that they might be related on some way.


But.... I really don't know how to diagnose this to be quite honest.


Lets start with the video side.


Everything works great, for a while. If I use a program such as VLC, or Totem, there are times when the whole screen freezes, but the mouse is still able to move around. But I cannot drag any of the windows in the gnome environment, and the video's picture stays on the same frame, but the audio continues to play.


Another problem I've had, and I believe it might be video related is when GNOME goes into screen shutdown or lock mode. there are times when it shuts the screen down, and when I move the mouse, the mouse works but the screen is black and I am stuck. Everything else on GNOME continues to work, but I can't get to my desktop. Sometimes the default "drag up" gnome lock screen appears, then it works as intended. Sometimes I have to wait for the screen to turn back off, and when it turns back on, the normal drag up screen will appear and work perfectly as well.... Other times I have to ALT+F1, and

killall gnome-shell

That seems to kill that. I ALT-F7 back on to the desktop, and since I have guake fired up, I can run gnome-shell again, and work with the intended GNOME environment.


Other times, I'll get a partial black screen, and a partially loaded GNOME drag-up, lock screen. Almost as if it's in mid load. Then, my system freezes completly. I can move my mouse around, but I can't ALT+F1 out.


On the power up/down, restart, logout, I have another set of issues.


Sometimes, once the system has been running, say an hour or two, and I want to restart/power down my computer, it takes an awful long time to shut down GNOME and go into the reboot/power down state. I've noticed that it isn't a specific program running on GNOME as I shut down all programs that are currently open and on the system tab, and it still takes its time to shutdown. There are moments when it might take up to 3 - 5 minutes for GNOME to shut off and go into reboot/power down mode.


Is there any way to diagnose this? I would appreciate any help on learning how to check what's going on here.


Or has anyone had these issues in the past as well? I am really getting used to using GNOME, and would hate to have to switch desktops because of these problems.



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Video card is Radeon 5780.


dbus loads on default on rc booting process.


correct fglrx is eselected.


With regards to dmesg/Xorg.logs, how exactly would I check my information? would dmesg be different from Xorg.logs? Where would these files be located?



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