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  1. Here is Kang and Kodos. But one is good enough :)
  2. So, today I did a ZFS install on Gentoo and Funtoo which of course was more easier on Funtoo due to not having to compile a kernel. Now I'm on the search for performance tweaks. I have notice "for me at least", that a emerge -avuDN --with-bdeps=y @world is a little bit more slower than normal. Would like to leave this thread open for related discussion to this topic. If I find something not noted in the wiki will post here.
  3. shaman


    I have Gentoo install and MorphOS installed. You should try out MorphOS it's a AmigaOS opensource/non-free alternative that's probably the best "community" supported ppc port out right now other than gentoo,fedora, and ubuntu. Would be nice if metro supported ppc64 stage3 builds.
  4. shaman


    So, I have PowerPC G5(970MP) that I plan to play around with. I know that I can install gentoo on it. The question is it possible to install funtoo on a PowerPC? What entice me to ask this knowing only 32/64 bit and arm stage3 is only supported is reading this http://www.funtoo.org/ReBootstrap So know this is it possible to build a stage3 PowerPC? Thanks
  5. This is definally great news for qemu users like myself who need rapid deployment. That mitigates the time constraints to serve clients needs. Now all that's needed now is quarterly ebuilds. :) Thanks to everyone who made this happen.
  6. Nice project to play around with on windows http://sourceforge.net/projects/mingwportage/
  7. Okay so, I'm using my kernel from kernel.org. I need to stop the merging of debian-sources and everything kernel releated. Is it safe for me to put in package.mask?
  8. You probably want to mask Check your package.mask file too you have a invalid atom there probably forgot to put a operator for whatever you were doing with truetype.
  9. Failed to initialize the NVIDIA GPU at PCI:7:0:0. in your log. Try PCI:1:0:0 in your xorg.conf.
  10. Enable extraengine use flag make.conf. What the output means is if XML? is true set extra engine.
  11. Not sure if you tried a binary debian kernel?
  12. Reading the portage man pages ^_^

  13. What video card are you using now with your gnome desktop? I don't use gnome so, about your desktop issues just make sure you have dbus enable and you eselect opengl * driver libs and make your you checkout your dmesg/Xorg.logs for information.
  14. The star next to "systemd*" means you nead to write USE="-systemd" in your make.conf. If of course you don't want systemd.
  15. New layout look great!!! Loving the professional polish look.
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