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Cannot login on JIRA at bugs.funtoo.org


I've seen this happen a few times. Here is what happens:


1. Trying to login at bugs.funtoo.org

2. It says "Sorry, your username and password are incorrect - please try again."

3. Changing the password on forums.funtoo.org and try again. Same results.

4. Creating a new account on forums.funtoo.org and then login at bugs.funtoo.org works

5. Using the new account for a while and it works.

6. Suddenly it stops working on bugs.funtoo.org. So, go back to step 3.


This is really annoying. I have changed my account here a few times due to this issue.

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At least it works for me. Have you read the notice on bugs.funtoo.org? You should go to https://auth.funtoo.org/login and upgrade your account. See also https://forums.funtoo.org/topic/1803-important-upgrade-your-funtoo-account/

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