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[Solved] ebuild for pysl package



Dear all,

for atom-1.3.1 I would like to write an ebuild pysl-0.21.1

As i looked in setup.py, I saw:

        'configparser; python_version<"3.0"',
        'futures; python_version<"3.2"',

        'all': [
        'autopep8': ['autopep8'],
        'mccabe': ['mccabe'],
        'pycodestyle': ['pycodestyle'],
        'pydocstyle': ['pydocstyle>=2.0.0'],
        'pyflakes': ['pyflakes>=1.6.0'],
        'rope': ['rope>0.10.5'],
        'yapf': ['yapf'],
        'test': ['tox', 'versioneer', 'pytest', 'mock', 'pytest-cov', 'coverage'],

How could i write something like 

'configparser; python_version<"3.0"'

in my ebuild?

Would it be correct to see all the packages below install_requires as DEPEND and all packages below extras_require as RDEPEND?




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@Oleg VinichenkoThank you for your replay.

if i understand you correctly, then in my case of using python 3.6, then there is no problem.

What will happen if someone else with python 2.7 only would like to install this package as well? Then configparser will be needed.


What i am missing in your answer is a solution to the case that the someone else and I could use the same ebuild. Is there way to write one ebuild for both cases?

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