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New www.funtoo.org skin!

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Hi All,


Many of you have probably seen our new responsive Web site skin for the wiki at www.funtoo.org.


I switched to a new bootstrap-based skin which is in turn based on an in-development set of MediaWiki extensions that I'm helping out with.


Here are advantages of the new skin:


  • Properly renders on mobile devices
  • Much easier to customize and improve over time
  • Much "cleaner" look
  • Makes it possible to integrate the look of auth.funtoo.org with the wiki.

Here are some negatives:

  • For a while, a few things will not render 100% correctly until tweaked
  • Doesn't look like a "regular" wiki

Overall, it is a big positive change as the new bootstrap framework with the extensions is much easier to customize and improve than the "old" MediaWiki skin system. And this effort is also being actively developed so by having funtoo.org use this system, I am better able to test it out, find issues, and contribute to its development.


Hope you like it!





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god you know those themes are so expensive....  drobbins sell me some themes mail me a cool million, i need to pay off my school lol


that 1 wordpress theme grossed 5 million dollars...

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The new layout is great. I wish the layout to be as much consistent with wiki and forums as possible.


We are using IP.Board which has its own CSS framework, so it doesn't use bootstrap. There are supposed to be big improvements in IP.Board 4, which will be available soon, and we will switch to it a little bit after it is released. But no IP.Board uses bootstrap which is what our wiki uses.


I will be looking into a just-as-sexy-but-more-traditional default theme for the forums, though.



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