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www-client/firefox-61.0 requires Python 3.5 that is hard masked




I am using the 1.2 kit but stumbled onto a problem when building www-client/firefox-61.0;

 0:03.20 checking for Python 3... : python_wrapper_setup: python3 is not supported by python2.7 (PYTHON_COMPAT)
 0:03.20 no
 0:03.20 ERROR: Python 3.5 or newer is required to build. Ensure a `python3.x` executable is in your PATH or define PYTHON3 to point to a Python 3.5 executable.
 0:03.22 *** Fix above errors and then restart with\
 0:03.22                "/usr/bin/gmake -f client.mk build"
 0:03.22 gmake: *** [client.mk:149: configure] Error 1

While Firefox upgrade will have to wait for now I'm curious what to do when it's time to deal with this?

Is Python 3.5 "just" a matter of a python upgrade and a kit-change that I should have done or what? I am not using python myself, it is only there for the system so I am open for changes :)


// Erik

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Funtoo 1.2 release has no effect on python-kit:

python-kit = 3.6-prime enables python-3.6.5-r1

funtoo /home/rj # ego  query v python
 dev-lang/python|     slot|                 repo
       2.7.13-r1|      2.7| python-kit/3.6-prime
     * 2.7.14-r2|         | python-kit/3.6-prime
        3.4.6-r1| 3.4/3.4m| python-kit/3.6-prime
           3.5.3| 3.5/3.5m| python-kit/3.6-prime
        3.5.3-r1|         | python-kit/3.6-prime
        3.6.1-r2| 3.6/3.6m| python-kit/3.6-prime
      * 3.6.5-r1|         | python-kit/3.6-prime
funtoo /home/rj # ego kit
/var/git/meta-repo (updated 1 day 14 hours 13 minutes ago):

  kit                  active branch        default              stability
  core-kit             1.2-prime            1.0-prime            beta
  core-hw-kit          master               (same)               prime
  security-kit         1.2-prime            1.0-prime            beta
  xorg-kit             1.19-prime           (same)               prime
  gnome-kit            3.20-prime           (same)               prime
  kde-kit              5.12-prime           (same)               prime
  media-kit            1.2-prime            1.1-prime            beta
  perl-kit             5.24-prime           (same)               prime
  python-modules-kit   master               (same)               prime
  python-kit           3.6-prime            3.4-prime            prime
  php-kit              master               (same)               prime
  java-kit             1.2-prime            1.1-prime            beta
  ruby-kit             1.2-prime            1.1-prime            beta
  haskell-kit          1.2-prime            1.1-prime            beta
  ml-lang-kit          1.2-prime            (same)               prime
  lisp-scheme-kit      1.2-prime            1.1-prime            beta
  lang-kit             1.2-prime            1.1-prime            beta
  llvm-kit             1.2-prime            (same)               prime
  dev-kit              1.2-prime            1.1-prime            beta
  xfce-kit             4.12-prime           (same)               prime
  desktop-kit          1.2-prime            1.1-prime            beta
  editors-kit          master               (same)               prime
  net-kit              master               (same)               prime
  text-kit             master               (same)               prime
  science-kit          master               (same)               prime
  games-kit            master               (same)               prime
  nokit                master               (same)               prime


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You can unmask dev-lamg/python-3.5.3-r1
(Then you're using the 1.1-prime kits version ?)

Other way is to switch to 1.2-prime ß

8i'm using 1.2-prime ß andq the system seems to run very well ^^

ANyway after upgrade to 1.2-prime ß python-3.5.x will be pruned .... and you will have the 2.7 and 3.6 :)


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 dev-lang/python|     slot|                 repo
       2.7.13-r1|      2.7| python-kit/3.4-prime
     * 2.7.14-r2|         | python-kit/3.4-prime
      * 3.4.6-r1| 3.4/3.4m| python-kit/3.4-prime
           3.5.3| 3.5/3.5m| python-kit/3.4-prime
        3.5.3-r1|         | python-kit/3.4-prime
        3.6.1-r2| 3.6/3.6m| python-kit/3.4-prime
        3.6.5-r1|         | python-kit/3.4-prime


I am using 1.2 in general but made no change to the python-kits.

Is there an upgrade procedure to be aware of? I am a newbie when it comes to python - besides all kind of hell from gentoo upgrades over the year. Been happy that I didn't need to upgrade for quite a while :) 



// Erik

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>ERROR: Python 3.5 or newer is required to build. Ensure a `python3.x` executable is in your PATH or define PYTHON3 to point to a Python 3.5 executable. 0:03.22 *** Fix above errors and then restart with\

Quindi potresti passare a:

	python-kit                           3.4-prime       prime           
                      active          3.6-prime       prime

Another thing:

I've the same situation of Cardinal (he got ever reason ... in effect the passage from 1.1 to 1.2 doesn't require the upgrade of python-kit"

	ci74771ht ~ # ego query v python 
dev-lang/python|     slot|                 repo
      2.7.13-r1|      2.7| python-kit/3.6-prime 
    * 2.7.14-r2|         | python-kit/3.6-prime 
       3.4.6-r1| 3.4/3.4m| python-kit/3.6-prime 
          3.5.3| 3.5/3.5m| python-kit/3.6-prime 
       3.5.3-r1|         | python-kit/3.6-prime 
       3.6.1-r2| 3.6/3.6m| python-kit/3.6-prime 
     * 3.6.5-r1|         | python-kit/3.6-prime

and this describes that there are not installed python version >= 3.5

i don't now if is utile but my ego.onf is:


python-kit = 3.6-prime

core-kit = 1.2-prime
security-kit = 1.2-prime
xorg-kit = 1.19-prime
gnome-kit = 3.20-prime
kde-kit = 5.12-prime
media-kit = 1.2-prime
perl-kit = 5.24-prime
# php-kit =  
java-kit = 1.2-prime
ruby-kit = 1.2-prime
haskell-kit = 1.2-prime
ml-lang-kit = 1.2-prime
lisp-scheme-kit = 1.2-prime
lang-kit = 1.2-prime
llvm-kit = 1.2-prime
dev-kit = 1.2-prime
xfce-kit = 4.12-prime
desktop-kit = 1.2-prime
# editors-kit =  
# net-kit =  
# text-kit =  
# science-kit =
# games-kit =
# nokit


Good work for All _'_

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Well, I though of Nike and just did it :)


It wasn't even than hard (I think). Then I ran into the EAPI=7 problem instead and verified that it's not related to the python upgrade and it isn't. Now I have the upgrade on hold until portage is upgraded.

Words will not express how much I adore the possibility to do upgrades in snapshots along side the live system!

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