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how to get a local overlay working



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this is easy to fix (with bit of searching on your part). hint:

[I] app-text/tree [1]
     Available versions:  1.7.0 (~)1.7.0-r1
     Installed versions:  1.7.0-r1(12:16:50 AM 11/22/2017)
     Homepage:            http://mama.indstate.edu/users/ice/tree/
     Description:         Lists directories recursively, and produces an indented listing of files

[1] "text-kit" /var/git/meta-repo/kits/text-kit


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└── local-overlay
    ├── COPYRIGHT.txt
    ├── LICENSE.txt
    ├── README.rst
    ├── cat
    │   └── autossh
    │       ├── Manifest
    │       ├── autossh-1.4f.ebuild
    │       └── metadata.xml
    ├── metadata
    │   └── layout.conf
    └── profiles
        └── repo_name


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well, there are at least two warnings displayed on my computer, after replicating your setup.

root@sucellus /usr/local/portage/cat/autossh # ebuild autossh-1.4f.ebuild digest

!!! 'cat/autossh' has a category that is not listed in /etc/portage/categories
>>> Creating Manifest for /usr/local/portage/cat/autossh
!!! File b'/var/cache/portage/distfiles/autossh-1.4f.tgz' doesn't exist, can't update Manifest
root@sucellus /usr/local/portage/metadata # cat layout.conf
repo-name = local
thin-manifests = true
sign-manifests = false
profile-formats = portage-2
cache-formats = md5-dict
masters = core-kit
root@sucellus /usr/local/portage/metadata # emerge -pv cat/autossh

These are the packages that would be merged, in order:

Calculating dependencies /
!!! 'cat/autossh' has a category that is not listed in /etc/portage/categories
... done!

emerge: there are no ebuilds to satisfy "cat/autossh".

emerge: searching for similar names...
emerge: Maybe you meant net-misc/autossh?

it is just helpful to paste any error or warning message, besides saying "it doesn't work for me ..."


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