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About eselect python



I tried to use the "python-kit  = 3.6-prime" that compiled me the last version of python 3.6.
Since it's not for my time, i'm returned to the "default" kit and I've removed python 3.6.X.
But if I use eselect I still get the presence of python 3.6 also if i removed it and returned to precedent kit version.

	sandro@ci74771ht ~ $ eselect python list 
Available Python interpreters, in order of preference: 
 [1]   python3.4 
 [2]   python2.7 
 [3]   python3.5 
 [4]   python3.6

Is this a little bug ?

There is the possibility to remove python3_6 from the list ?

Thanx for any suggestion.

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