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Using a local overlay


I've created a local overlay per the funtoo guide, but now I'm not sure how to use it.  I created a folder within, media-gfx/darktable, and placed an ebuild file in it.  The gentoo guide says to use 'repoman manifest', but that isn't working for me...

[root@chopin darktable]# repoman manifest
[CRITICAL] Couldn't read KEYWORDS from arch.list

Or, for a 'simple version bump'...

[root@chopin darktable]# repoman --digest=y -d full
[CRITICAL] Couldn't read KEYWORDS from arch.list

What is the correct procedure for funtoo w/ kits?

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I already had the local overlay setup okay (after some help via FL-4342).  I think there is still something missing from the local overlay guide, though, as it didn't mention changing the owner of the overlay dirs to portage:portage.  I had a permission error using 'ebuild <...> manifest' until I did this.

Second, there is *something* different from gentoo.  As I said, I was attempting to follow the documented gentoo procedure, which is here:


It calls for using repoman, which did not work for me.  'ebuild <...> mantifest' did work fine, though.  Thanks guys.


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