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akonadi and mariadb conflict




I am trying to install kde-apps-meta however dependencies are not satisfied. It looks like akonadi requires older version of mariandb than the one installed:


[blocks B      ] >=dev-db/mariadb-10.2 (">=dev-db/mariadb-10.2" is blocking kde-apps/akonadi-17.08.0)

Total: 213 packages (212 new, 1 reinstall), Size of downloads: 636,463 KiB
Conflict: 1 block (1 unsatisfied)

 * Error: The above package list contains packages which cannot be
 * installed at the same time on the same system.

  (dev-db/mariadb-10.2.8:0/18::dev-kit, installed) pulled in by
    =dev-db/mariadb-10.2*[embedded?,server,static?] (=dev-db/mariadb-10.2*[server]) required by (virtual/mysql-5.6-r9:0/18::nokit, installed)
    dev-db/mariadb required by @selected
    dev-db/mariadb:0/18[client-libs(+),static-libs?,abi_x86_32(-)?,abi_x86_64(-)?,abi_x86_x32(-)?,abi_mips_n32(-)?,abi_mips_n64(-)?,abi_mips_o32(-)?,abi_ppc_32(-)?,abi_ppc_64(-)?,abi_s390_32(-)?,abi_s390_64(-)?] (dev-db/mariadb:0/18[client-libs(+),abi_x86_64(-)]) required by (virtual/libmysqlclient-18:0/18::nokit, installed)

  (kde-apps/akonadi-17.08.0:5/5::kde-kit, ebuild scheduled for merge) pulled in by
    >=kde-apps/akonadi-17.08.0:5 required by (kde-apps/akonadi-contacts-17.08.0:5/5::kde-kit, ebuild scheduled for merge)
    >=kde-apps/akonadi-17.08.0:5 required by (kde-apps/kgpg-17.08.0:5/5::kde-kit, ebuild scheduled for merge)
    >=kde-apps/akonadi-17.08.0:5 required by (kde-apps/akonadi-mime-17.08.0:5/5::kde-kit, ebuild scheduled for merge)


I have found this thread at gentoo but I am not sure (I am new to funtoo) how this solution applies to funtoo:





thank you

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currently, you can fix this by applying the mask for mariadb-10.2


Thank you for the advice. This really helped.  The installation went ~half through but stopped at missing digikam (2017-08-31 18:58:32 ERROR 404: Not Found.)

I guess I have to wait for servers update.

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