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  1. Hello, I like the fact that Funto's firefox 57 is using alsa instead of pulseaudio. I would like to get rid of pulseaudio in other distros running firefox 57. What should I add/remove from mozconfig (I read that old option that removed pulseaudio and enabled alsa is not working)? Thank you
  2. I have set bidirectional clipboard sharing set up. However the setting does not work. Slackware is VM Host Funtoo is VM Guest. This setup worked before. The difference is that this time I have installed only VirtualBox Guest Additions in Funtoo. Previously, in addition to VirtualBox Guest Additions, I had installed in Funtoo Guest: VirtualBox (for Host ), VirtualBox Modules (for host) and VirtualBox Guest Additions. Do I need to install VirtualBox (for Host ), VirtualBox Modules (for host) in Funtoo? My other VirtualBox Guests (linux distros, FBSD and OpenInd
  3. O.k. I am sorry. This was my mistake. All sorted out and working.
  4. issuing emerge --with-bdeps=y @world kde-plasma/plasma-meta generates info about unmet requirements: The ebuild selected to satisfy "sys-apps/busybox" has unmet requirements. -sys-apps/busybox-1.26.2::core-kit USE="debug ipv6 livecd make-syslinks math mdev pam savedconfig sep-usr static syslog -selinux -systemd when I add these to make.conf script still complains about selinux? However, I don't want to install systemd, and it seems not possible to install busybox without systemd dependency so how can I avoid systemd and fix selinux dependency requireme
  5. Thank you for the suggestion. I installed slim because it is small and without any particular dependencies so it should be safe in the future.
  6. hello, is there an app that will list dependencies for a package before installation? Similar to fquery excepta that fquery works on packages installed already. thank you
  7. problem solved. Thank you Oleg
  8. I switched to slim, but I wonder if getting back sddm is possible?
  9. After convoluted KDE update I ended up with broken X: which is Ethernet controller:
  10. thank you, moving to /var/git/meta-repo/kits/core-kit/distfiles/ does not help... o.k. fixed thank you again ...but got this error:
  11. hello, Evidently krita is not available how can I fix this error? Thank you
  12. Hello, I am not sure if this is right place (portage help subforum), so please free to move/remove my topic. Today I run an update and I missed warning about locked broken screen. Anway, at some point screen got locked with the message suggesting to login from another terminal and enter loginctl unlock-sessions however this is not recognized command (by consolekit). Thankfully I have found a solution at gennto forums: this actually fixed problem with locked/broken screen. Maybe funtoo advice regarding should be removed if not working? I don't know if any viable s
  13. ok I will wait for fix thank you,
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