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kde-plasma stuff lagging behind





what's the reason for kde stuff lagging that far behind when compared to gentoo's tree?

        gentoo            |         funtoo
  kde-frameworks/*-5.35.0 |  kde-frameworks/*-5.31.0
  kde-plasma/*-5.10.2     |  kde-plasma/*-5.9.2
  kde-base/*-17.04.2      |  kde-base/*-16.12.2

thank you!


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nobody knows?

this is not a rant, it's just a question to know if there is any problem with kde stuff and eventually help out to solve it...

else the only solution i see is to switch back to gentoo...

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According to these comments substantial work is required before the kde shard could be updated.

Create a task report at bugs.funtoo.org for more information if needed.






# You are not allowed to update a shard without following our SQA Plan. Currently, that involves doing a detailed analysis of the quality

# of the EXISTING (active) shard, then identifying issues that need to be addressed, and then defining how a shard bump will FIX or IMPROVE

# these issues. And you MUST have your analysis reviewed and approved by the BDFL, and just blindly bumping a shard is probably NOT the

# best solution


# kde: d33259410e3eb1b0330698520796cb927ac596e7 (Updated 25 Feb 2017)

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