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gcc upgrade



hi folks, 


I'm in new installation and I'm follow that guide about upgrade gcc : https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Upgrading_GCC 


the commands  : 



Install new version of compiler

emerge -u sys-devel/gcc

show the versions

gcc-config -l

choose the new version

gcc-config 2

reinstall libtool 

emerge --ask --oneshot sys-devel/libtool

remove the old version

emerge --ask --depclean =sys-devel/gcc-4.9.3

until here all fine and perfect, but my doubt is about recompile the toolchain, I need just recompile the depedencies with 

revdep-rebuild --library 'libstdc++.so.6' -- --exclude gcc

or I need recompile the whole system three ? 

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