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Any chance of a Portage c or c++ version instead of Python in the future?


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there is paludis already and which is even slower than original portage -- it doesn't require python but it does require boost -- just an example. I don't think this will fix anything you maybe think it will by porting to another language. The main problem in portage is not that it's written in python but that many parts of it are obscure, undocumented and doesn't look good, highly over-engineered and maybe also recent portage development only in maintenance mode - not in fixing code or development mode. Many blame portage for being slow, partially agreed with that, but, again it's not because it's in python. Remember that good code is good in any language. To summarize - cloning portage in other language will be only a clone, that's rewriting same framework and design in language that can be really bad experience and can result in much worse cases, like paludis. Ultimate fix, maybe, would be creating package manager from scratch.

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