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Converting From Gentoo to Funtoo

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I am a blind Gentoo user who is looking to switch to Funtoo on account of issues with my Alienware laptop, and I have a few questions to ensure that I can hop the fence.

1. What kernel best supports the Alienware hardware, and, more importantly, has speakup available out of the box?

2. Where can I find the list of available ebuilds, most importantly, app-accessibility/espeakup and app-accessibility/orca?


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Hi, and thanks for considering Funtoo. I think that debian-sources is the best kernel to use. It does have speakup modules enabled by default.


99% of the ebuilds in Funtoo are identical to those in Gentoo. So, both the ebuilds you mention are available and come direct from Gentoo. The best way to get a list of available ebuilds is to grab our Portage tree via git and look at its contents into the funtoo branch.


The greatest challenge for installing Funtoo would be to find a LiveCD that has speakup support for the installation process. As long as you know of a good livecd with speakup support that gives you a bash shell and has all the necessary commands for installation (which basically is just your mkfs commands of choice and fdisk or gdisk, and chroot, and can establish a network connection) then you should be ready to go.


Best Regards,



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