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  1. Please find attached. pci.txt kernconf.txt
  2. Are those supposed to be underscores as opposed to dashes? Also, I have no capture devices according to some friends that were trying to help me; I guess eudev may have missed loading some of the firmware.
  3. Is it necessary to put root in audio? I haven't made a user yet; the system is really fresh.
  4. Your fstab says /dev/sda4 which should be /dev/sda3 unless you've made a typo.
  5. What I did for my chroot is more in line with the Gentoo style. mount -t proc /proc /mnt/funtoo/proc mount --rbind /dev /mnt/funtoo/dev mount --make-rslave /mnt/funtoo/dev mount --rbind /sys /mnt/funtoo/sys mount --make-rslave /mnt/funtoo/sys chroot /mnt/funtoo /bin/bash This works fine for me; doing it in accordance with the docs didn't maintain my network connection for some reason. Maybe this is a bad way to chroot, but I hope this helps someone.
  6. As a blind person, this forum is very simple to navigate. Reddit is okay, but has no way for to solve the captcha with audio, which, for the time being, would make posting relatively difficult.
  7. Okay. I just made that configuration file with the suggested tweak. But I still have no sound; indeed, I can't even change the volume from within the chroot. All I see is a bar for sp/pdif, which I don't know what that is for. It was off, so I turned it on. Speakup, when I try to change the bar, just says oo oo oo and no change to the volume occurs. Under playback devices, nothing is listed, either; this is a headscratcher indeed.
  8. Apollogies; I had to run in a chroot on account of my friend not being here to read the link. But hopefully this will help diagnose the issue. http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=d02dc49fb96e26c08f889ae452e683cfab31a83a
  9. Hello again, I installed Funtoo to my box, and it was a total breeze! But I've hit a roadblock; I haven't any sound. I've installed media-sound/alsa-utils, app-accessibility/espeakup, and the sys-kernel/linux-firmware packages. After I did that, I've added espeakup and alsasound to the default runlevels. But, upon umounting the partitions and rebooting, I haven no sound but a working system. I spoke with a sighted friend and he informed me that there are no volume bars for either of my sound cardss; one is a SoundBlaster Recon 3DI and the other is some form of HDMI card (I believe it is an
  10. Hi, I am a blind Gentoo user who is looking to switch to Funtoo on account of issues with my Alienware laptop, and I have a few questions to ensure that I can hop the fence. 1. What kernel best supports the Alienware hardware, and, more importantly, has speakup available out of the box? 2. Where can I find the list of available ebuilds, most importantly, app-accessibility/espeakup and app-accessibility/orca?
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