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Flickering/Looping html5 videos in Firefox with radeon



Since the last update, whenever I see a video it gets flickery. That is not the usual flicker where it very shortly fades to black or something, no, it gets stuck. A small portion of the video loops back and forth in abrupt intervals. Actually looks kind of funny.


I'm using a Hd 7950, FF 50.0, glxinfo says:

Extended renderer info (GLX_MESA_query_renderer):
    Vendor: X.Org (0x1002)
    Device: AMD TAHITI (DRM 2.43.0 / 4.5.2-1, LLVM 3.8.1) (0x679a)
    Version: 12.0.3
    Accelerated: yes
    Video memory: 3072MB
    Unified memory: no
    Preferred profile: core (0x1)
    Max core profile version: 4.1
    Max compat profile version: 3.0
    Max GLES1 profile version: 1.1
    Max GLES[23] profile version: 3.0
OpenGL vendor string: X.Org
OpenGL renderer string: Gallium 0.4 on AMD TAHITI (DRM 2.43.0 / 4.5.2-1, LLVM 3.8.1)
OpenGL core profile version string: 4.1 (Core Profile) Mesa 12.0.3

I think that should be the relevant info, but please just say if something is missing, I'd add it.


I have no idea how to debug that and found no similar bug, does maybe someone have an idea how to tackle this one?

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Just reporting back that the upgrade to FF 50.0.2 is indeed not sufficient. Worked a while but the issue just re-appeared when viewing an embedded youtube video. Turning off hardware acceleration seems to help, but is of course not a good long-term solution.

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Please post the link to the video so we can test it.

That's not how this bug works. Videos work for a while and then not. For example, I watched

just fine an hour ago. Now FF started to misbehave (when starting the first embedded video in http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/53996/?[writing a skyrim mod article for a gaming magazine]) and it is not working anymore.
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I experienced this issue and found it to be related to multi-process tabs.  My browser starts by default with it disabled - I haven't been able to identify exactly what is disabling it.  If I force it enabled then video plays fine but I encounter frequent tab crashes for certain sites.



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