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  1. hello, fresh installed system using ' stage3-intel64-skylake-1.3-release-std-2018-11-29 ' and everything went fine - thx to Mr. Robbins ? but, in .xsession-errors i see this: ** Message: 20:25:36.263: couldn't access control socket: /var/run/user/1000/keyring/control: No such file or directory even though the folder exists and none 16451444 28 16451416 1% /run/user/1000 this is new for me - why this is even created ? maybe this also has something to do with lightdm, because when using ' lxdm ', /var/run/user ' not used by system and folder is u
  2. hello, switched to kits master branch, everything's fine. but, eix-test-obsolete -d shows this and if i try to install / upgrade: thx
  3. there's no need for Boot to be journaled - use ext2 ! but, it's possible, i assume. for UEFI, you need a FAT 32 Boot partition.
  4. +1 fresh install >> 44 packages failed with and this is funny - today i've got the time for a new install and now this :lol: fixed, after emerge --sync !
  5. because of that, i switched to Firefox-45.5.1 and use (ungoogled) chromium, only for Netflix ! emerging chromium took 1 h and 20 min. on my system. it's your choice. greetings
  6. originally from hardened overlay. here you go :blink: https://www.sendspace.com/file/n08jz4 greetings
  7. hello, using gcc-6.2 for quite some time now, originally from hardened overlay and no problems so far, except some packages needed extra gcc-6.2 patching. my new xeon system purrs like a kitten :D greetings
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