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Pen Drive Kernel Panic



I am attempting to install Funtoo Linux on a USB Thumb drive but during the boot, I'm greeted with a Kernel Panic.  The thumb drive itself is not listed among the available devices which may hold file system with a bootable OS.  This is although the running kernel has been selected from a menu provided by grub installed on the drive.

I have attempted to cover my bases in the kernel choosing as many USB options as seem sensible, please see the attached.


Please suggest how to proceed, thank you.




Kind regards





P.s.  Nudge.


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Hi everyone.


Again I am sorry, that it has taken me so long to return to this!


I have now tested with the rootdelay option and indeed the thumb drive is listed with the appropriate UUIDs for the respective partitions. 

I have also tested using the /dev/sdXn terms appropriate for my test machine.



Still I reach Kernel Panic - unknown block device.

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Last thing, last night, I changed grub.cfg.  My kernel booted all the way to log in.  Before setting this as solved, I will study this change to try to understand where I went wrong and report back here.


I've known that it was something simple that I was missing for s while now.  Soon I hope to tell you what that was...



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