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having a problem i had before after updtating (cardinal?)



when i updated the system, yesterday it installed a new kernel debian 4.5.2 i really thought this things doent install automatically, problem is i dont have x now in the gentoo gernel i was using 4.2.2, i have x in the old kernel debian 3.19 but not in the kernel i was using, i have to correct this i dont want that portage install and compile a kernel  automatically and i want x now in my old gentoo kernel, what can i do?

i tried to rebuild modules but it didn t work


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Package.mask gentoo-sources and debian-sources > the version installed to prevent update.
If emerge wants to remove a kernel source against your will then add it including version to /var/lib/portage/world.
This sys-kernel/gentoo-sources:4.4.1 in world keeps gentoo-sources-4.4.1 on my system, otherwise "emerge -a --depclean" wants to remove it.
I use emerge -avuDN world and have EMERGE_DEFAULT_OPTS="--with-bdeps=y" in /etc/portage/make.conf
Sync and update world no less than once a week avoids Blockers and other update problems.
If you don't want debian-sources to auto-run genkernel after merge add -binary to USE= in /etc/portage/make.conf
Nvidia is an out-of-tree external module, boot into the kernel your building it for and verify /usr/src/linux is symlinked to the same kernel sources before you compile/merge.
If eselect opengl list is not set for nvidia then nvidia driver won't work.

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i did eselect kernel list and i selected my old kernel emerge nvidia-drivers and i jave x again, but i dont know why kernel 3.19 was selected! and i dont know how to prevent emerge to install kernels automatically

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