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epro mix-ins gnome problem



Hi guys,

Forgive me if this is not the place to ask my question.

Recently i install funtoo to my laptop amd64 -A6 dual boot with win10, i follow the installation guide to emerge kernel+xfce4+refind uefi, everything alright and boot without problem. Then i tried to use gnome and follow the guide using epro mix-ins gnome and emerge @world,

process completed and start gnome, but it show me that i miss something not install and falllback.

So i tried emerge -va gnome , it take more than 170 packages to be installed which included 'apache'. then i was confused.

My question is that

apache is / not required for installing gnome? i don't need it becasue i already emerge nginx+php+mariadb

# epro mix-ins +gnome | emerge @world  . this mix-ins command will do everything for installing gnome, or just parrt of it. And i need to emerge gnome just like old school method ?

this is confusing me and anyone can help please.

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thank you for reply , Oleg.

and i don't understand the purpose of using mix-ins.

reason why i was confused to install gnome is that

1. epro list ( show option gnome and  gnome-3.16-fixup )

2. epro mix-ins +gnome ( i suppose it is version gnome-3.14 )

3. emerge @world

after all package emerged. fail to login ( some packages not install yet !)


4. emerge gnome

after all packages emerged. sucess to login, but the version is gnome-3.16.

my confusion arise

in past if i want to install gnome, i just edit make.conf to add gnome USE flags and emerge gnome.

if  i use mix-ins function , did i just install as above  ( 2 and 3 ) and command emerge gnome (4) is not necessary?

or did the function mix-ins just easy way ( changing the USE flags) and i need to do as above ( 2 + 3 + 4 )?


english is not my mother language, forgive me if my question is not clear enought. thx.

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