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  1. after new update refind-0.10.4-r1, it freeze on boot ( blank ). setting unchanged after refind-install. i have separate partiton for window bootloader /dev/sda2 and linux bootloader /dev/sda7. so , i emerge grub and successfully boot with funtoo linux, but win10. my /etc/boot.conf : boot { generate grub default "Funtoo Linux" timeout 3 } display { gfxmode 1024x768 } "Funtoo Linux" { kernel bzImage[-v] } "Funtoo Linux genkernel" { kernel kernel[-v] initrd initramfs[-v] params += real_root=auto rootfstype=auto } "Windows 10" { type win8 params root=/de
  2. thank you for reply , Oleg. and i don't understand the purpose of using mix-ins. reason why i was confused to install gnome is that 1. epro list ( show option gnome and gnome-3.16-fixup ) 2. epro mix-ins +gnome ( i suppose it is version gnome-3.14 ) 3. emerge @world after all package emerged. fail to login ( some packages not install yet !) so 4. emerge gnome after all packages emerged. sucess to login, but the version is gnome-3.16. my confusion arise in past if i want to install gnome, i just edit make.conf to add gnome USE flags and emerge gnome. if i use mix-ins function , di
  3. Hi guys, Forgive me if this is not the place to ask my question. Recently i install funtoo to my laptop amd64 -A6 dual boot with win10, i follow the installation guide to emerge kernel+xfce4+refind uefi, everything alright and boot without problem. Then i tried to use gnome and follow the guide using epro mix-ins gnome and emerge @world, process completed and start gnome, but it show me that i miss something not install and falllback. So i tried emerge -va gnome , it take more than 170 packages to be installed which included 'apache'. then i was confused. My question is that apache is /
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