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Switching from current to stable



Is it a bad idea to switch the build type from `current` to `stable`?  Using `epro build stable`?
There is a warning (reported in the command line, as well as in this "epro" wiki-page: http://www.funtoo.org/Funtoo_Profiles):

epro build stable
WARNING: build already set to current -- typically, user should not change this.
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I have done this many times


it is not "very simple" somewhat

but is possible :D


re-configure your build with "# epro build stable"

take a look in /etc/portage/make.conf if are enabled ~amd64 (then delete ~amd64"


try at first an


# eix-sync

# emerge @downgrade


Somotimes is necessary to remove packages ....


But is possible to switch from "Stable" to "Current" (simplier)


switch from "Current" to "Stable".


The first thing is to take a look if portage want to downgrade the glibc .... if glibc are the same it is possible. if not ... the Funtoo-box may crash.

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Packages are stablilized in gentoo by changing the keyword form '~arch' to 'arch', e.g. if the ebuild has in KEYWORDS "~amd64" it means the ebuild is not stable, if it has "amd64" it has been stabilized.

I remember a question like this was posted some years ago on gentoo's user ML, it is not trivial to do this, basically the advice was: make the change, and wait for stable to catch up, using package.accept_keywords to restrict new versions for your packages from world already installed(and maybe some deps ), this will take a few months. here's a link to the thread from the mailing list[1].

I'd say also that once @system has catched up with unstable you could try 'emerge -e @world'

[1] https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/linux.gentoo.user/zcMg38XEWtw

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Excuse me if i wasn't very "precise".


However try an

# emerge @downgrade

Then must be revisited the "/etc/portage/package.accept_keywords , mask, unmask & use).


# emerge -DNu world --with-bdeps=y

Be conscious that it is like a "little surgical operation" in your system.....

Sometimes is necessary to return to "core" profile then restarting versus another profile .... :)


Paste any errors you encounter; so to may able to give you a "little hand" :)


If you want i can enter in your system to take a look about errors.


And You (if You want can take a look about my system that is based on Funtoo Stable (e.g. i can post my config_files to You as example) :)


Hello to All :)

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Too complicated and time consuming, if not dangerous.  The `emerge -avp @downgrade` shows much too many problems.  I'll stick with current.  I have to find some time in the near future to re-install.  The main reason is that I want really a more stable system, less updates.


Thank you for the insights!

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Anyway this is a great benchmark to understand the immense possibilities and capabilities of Portage .... thing that I think no other package manager can do :)


For now don't use "emerge @downgrade" .... 


Take a look and post what tells "emerge -DNu world -pv".


Only for "curiosity": what kind of cpu have your machine ?

Thanks :)

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