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Stupid question


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Hey all! My first post here, hopefully not the last one either.


I have a really dumb question, but since I'm undecided, I figured I'd just ask - the worst that can happen is I get flamed(or banned), which isn't a big deal.


The question is: Should I use Funtoo, and why?


Yeah, stupid. I know. Too broad, hard to answer or obvious, depending on who's answering. I'll provide little background and leave it up to you guys.

The purpose of the question is more to like, see what advantages of Funtoo are and why you guys love it, instead of "what distro to use" thread.


I've been using Linux for ~2.5 years now. I've been using CrunchBang linux as my main for 1.5 years. I really liked it as a minimalistic debian remix - I upgraded it to Sid though, because Stable was stale.

Alongside on my laptop for a year I've been using Ubuntu. I didn't like it too much, but I used it because of some firmware on my laptop that was working out of the box with Ubuntu only.

Then in july, I installed Gentoo, finally getting rid of Ubuntu. Hard road, took me quite some time, but I managed to do just fine in the end. Right now it's Gentoo on my laptop and I'm happy with it, although I'm still yet to fully utilize its power.

And a week ago I've bough a new PC workstation. I am a programmer, so I want it to provide me with latest compilers/interpreters, and I also like to play games, so I'd be happy if steam worked - although since I got it running on Gentoo, I guess it would work here as well.


So, to sum it all up: Programming, internet, gaming. Is funtoo good for that? Better than Gentoo?


Thanks in advance.


PS. Oh, and it would be a great plus if Funtoo wasn't too hard to install alongside Windows - currently I'm using Win10/Ubuntu setup, but I want to get rid of Ubuntu as fast as possible, and then see if I can run all the applications I want in Wine/Virtualbox to get rid of W10 too.

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I had (have?) Funtoo installed alongside Windows 7, but I haven't booted it in forever so I'm not sure what state that's in.  I've also got Steam working on Funtoo (hence not needing Windows...), though it does occasionally have issues, but they're usually easy to fix with a couple of Google searches.  Funtoo tends to hold back slightly on the latest and greatest, for instance I believe the default Python is 3.4, but you could always go and unmask Python 3.5 if you needed.


I'd say if you have a free weekend, give Funtoo a shot.  Literally though, it'll take you a full weekend, if not longer, to get everything going from a fresh installation, but Gentoo is the same deal.  Also make sure to have a spare computer handy, because you won't have a desktop environment for a bit...

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Okay, I got a bit too vague, I guess. I'd be glad if you guys posted why you like Funtoo, and preferably for users who came here from Gentoo - what was selling point for you. I have already read about some differences, but I'm interested in opinions/reasons why you switched.

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I found myself in the same boat as you a while back. I made the switch to Funtoo and have not looked back...


The first reason i switched was because of the git based portage tree(which gentoo now has) It was faster to sync and easier to browse if the need be.


The second reason was the name. Linux should be Fun too.... :)


Other reasons are the community i felt better with the funtoo guys for some reason back then...Can't remeber specifics and part of it was the main man behind funtoo.


To me funtoo also felt like the best balance between bleeding edge and having a system that just works.


hope that helps

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