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  1. I'll just share my experience here. I use better initramfs https://github.com/slashbeast/better-initramfsit takes care of the encrypted root partition and offers a ssh shell to do so remotely if required. then /etc/config.d/dmcrypt takes care of the rest.
  2. I found myself in the same boat as you a while back. I made the switch to Funtoo and have not looked back... The first reason i switched was because of the git based portage tree(which gentoo now has) It was faster to sync and easier to browse if the need be. The second reason was the name. Linux should be Fun too.... :) Other reasons are the community i felt better with the funtoo guys for some reason back then...Can't remeber specifics and part of it was the main man behind funtoo. To me funtoo also felt like the best balance between bleeding edge and having a system that just works. hope that helps
  3. Hello all, This is my minor contribution. I have modified lazykernel to allow for it to creat a config file using vesamenu instead of plain text menu https://github.com/grondinm/lazykernel/tree/vesamenu It also adds a check for reboot and poweroff.c32 and creates entries for them if they are present. Figured i would share in case anyone else would like to us it. I also have a modified ebuild to pull my vesamenu branch if anyone wants it. Enjoy
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