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  1. Okay, I got a bit too vague, I guess. I'd be glad if you guys posted why you like Funtoo, and preferably for users who came here from Gentoo - what was selling point for you. I have already read about some differences, but I'm interested in opinions/reasons why you switched.
  2. Hey all! My first post here, hopefully not the last one either. I have a really dumb question, but since I'm undecided, I figured I'd just ask - the worst that can happen is I get flamed(or banned), which isn't a big deal. The question is: Should I use Funtoo, and why? Yeah, stupid. I know. Too broad, hard to answer or obvious, depending on who's answering. I'll provide little background and leave it up to you guys. The purpose of the question is more to like, see what advantages of Funtoo are and why you guys love it, instead of "what distro to use" thread. I've been using Li
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