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5 Weeks of Funtoo.........


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And it's been great!


Everything works well and it is lean, mean and stable.


I have learned a good bit along the way.


Thanks for all the work from the Funtoo team and to all the people that help out in the forums. I'd be lost without your help.



Here's my list of links that I use regularly that may be helpful to another newb:



THIS forum : http://forums.funtoo.org


Funtoo Bugtracker: https://bugs.funtoo.org/secure/Dashboard.jspa


Funtoo Home: http://www.funtoo.org


Gentoo packages: https://packages.gentoo.org(good for finding out what USE flags are going to do)


Overlay search: http://gpo.zugaina.org


Handy tutorials: https://gentoovps.net/topics/linux/gentoo/


Please share any other links you have that you find useful. Thanks!





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