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This needs to be added on the main webpage under Help.


Reported it HERE


I didn't know this section existed. It could have saved me another post if I knew it existed and where to find it.



Read the front page of www.funtoo.org

There are 2 links to the bug tracker on the front page of www.funtoo.org

One link to Reporting Bugs on how to file a bug report which has a link to bugs.funtoo.org

Lower Right Hand Corner

Getting Started

Install Funtoo Linux and get involved in our user community.

Get to know fellow users on our forums.

Funtoo Linux has a very active IRC community on Freenode (in the #funtoo channel) and you are encouraged to hang out with us.

We welcome bug reports and suggestions.

Please report bugs to our bug tracker.

We take all bugs seriously, and all work performed is tracked on our bug tracker, for purposes of transparency.

Create a Funtoo account, which allows you to log in to the wiki, forums and bug tracker.

See the Auth FAQ for more info about account creation.

See our FAQ for answers to common questions.

Other resources include larrythecow.org, the Gentoo blog aggregator, kernel-seeds.org, and git.funtoo.org, our cgit repository browser.





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Was looking for a menu item not links but thanks.


The bug reporting area is useful as a help area since everything is organized and listed. Good for finding current issues that may be causing problems for an individual at any moment.


I wasn't using it to report a bug so didn't think to look there. I assumed it would be a form. I was wanting to troubleshoot an issue I had.


Maybe a different term could be used in the menus. It's confusing...not that it's the Bug reporting area...but that it is searchable and lists current issues.


Thats why I stated "This needs to be added on the main webpage under Help." It serves multiple purposes.




PS..Boss Man added the menu items Report A Bug and MediaWiki Help since I had posted this in the bugs section about the same time you replied. Thanks DR!

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