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boot-update and windows 10



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The boot.conf man page lists recognized values for the type variable. Right now win10 is not listed. I would suggest using win8 and if that doesn't work file a bug.


The type variable should be set to one of the  operating  system  names that boot-update recognizes (case-insensitive,) which are:


       ? linux (default)


       ? dos


       ? msdos


       ? Windows 2000


       ? win2000


       ? Windows XP


       ? winxp


       ? Windows Vista


       ? vista


       ? Windows 7


       ? win7


       ? Windows 8


       ? win8


       ? Haiku


       ? Haiku OS

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Yes ok

but i must to reinstall the Funtoo to try because i have a pb with prestashop (css with javascrit not work well)

so a use xubuntu currently

i use windows only for 3D draw with CATIA solidworks Pro engineer etc...

coming soon

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