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  1. sursum

    The good stage

  2. sursum

    The good stage

    Hello What stage i must to use for a AMD athlon ii x2 270 Thank you in advance
  3. sursum

    password gdm not azerty

    HI I'm french so I have a french qwerty keyboard. gdm but the password is in English keyboard problem? do you have an idea? after session to change no problem
  4. hi PrestaShop installed locally with lamp but does not support css. could you help me . maybe a missing use? did you try?
  5. sursum

    busybox deamon don't work

    hi here is my problem ............. an idea * Starting busybox-ntpd ... ntpd: bad address 'pool.ntp.org' * start-stop-daemon: failed to start `/bin/busybox' * Failed to start busybox-ntpd [ !! ] * ERROR: busybox-ntpd failed to start oups?!
  6. sursum

    php7 and lamp?????

  7. sursum

    php7 and lamp?????

    hi I wanted to know if people have managed to turn lamp with php7car me nothing walk.The php pages do not display only the content. a tutorial would be nice
  8. sursum

    happy new year funtoo

    happy new year funtoo Bonne ann?e funtoo you are awesome
  9. sursum

    prestashop problem with css?!!!

    hello i use apache2 mysql and php and now all is working l made a modification in a file.conf but i don't rememder what!! and a give permissions It is not important because it is local and I do not care about safety
  10. sursum

    boot-update and windows 10

    win8 work with windows 10
  11. Sorry i don't speak english very well but somebody could explain in French Funtoo Linux virtual container is in order to host web site? and the price $15 for one mo? thank you in advance
  12. sursum

    boot-update and windows 10

    Yes ok but i must to reinstall the Funtoo to try because i have a pb with prestashop (css with javascrit not work well) so a use xubuntu currently i use windows only for 3D draw with CATIA solidworks Pro engineer etc... coming soon
  13. hello I want to know if someone trying to install prestashop with Funtoo in localhost. Because there is no problem except that the css does not work as if the javascript was not executed Where is the pb? javscript hostname a person could try to install localhost strange wordpress no problem for example but a need Prestashop So I have to leave for xubuntu Funtoo?????? No i don't want help me Best regards
  14. sursum

    boot-update and windows 10

    hello "Windows 7" { type win7 params root=/dev/sda1 } so "Windows 10" { type win10 params root=/dev/sda1 } for a dual boot ??????
  15. sursum

    French Installation Guide Updates

    thank merci c est cool d avoir des installation de differentes langues bonne initiative "cool to have different languages installed good initiative"