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About wifi.



I'm afraid to be a boring person because I have many questions. 

My system are using dhcpcd cabled for networking; but I could also use the wireless connection. 

And I'd like to use the wifi. 

The problem is that trying to use networkmanager (adding networkmanager as global USE flag I encounter troubles with dependencies). 

According to your thinking, do you think it is better to use it anyway even if networkmanager carries unsatisfied dependencies or at least temporarily, maybe try "wicd" or something else you do know? 


Thank you for any thoughts; however, now that I'm using dhcpcd (cabled connection), the system is perfectly consistent and coherent according to the "Magic Portage". 


Excuse me if maybe that this trouble is only a "trivial things".


Peace & Love for All :)

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mmm actually the wicd gui is a bit 'ugly.
Anyway, I tried again by adding the global USE "networkmanager" and this time I have not had any problems with dependencies (I'm using "Hardened").

Thank you :)

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no problem, all 3 solutions can be installed on the same system also....  use 1 at a time.....  just /etc/init.d/NetworkManager stop && /etc/init.d/wicd start or other way around or stop both of those and  /etc/init.d/wpa_supplicant start && /etc/init.d/netif.wlan0 start


(my machine actually has all 3, but i use networkmanager)

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