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About *FLAGS

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Good evening; this post is finalized to understand more about *FLAGS.

For CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS and LDFLAGS, no doubt.

But there are also the FFLAGS (If i don't wrong are about Fortran language", the FCFLAGS (I don't know) and CPPFLAGS (that compare as "not set" in emerge --info.


Someone can give me informations or some links (but good links) that explains about FFLAGS, FCFLAGS and CPPFLAGS ?


Thank you for any suggestion..... but i want to compile my Funtoo with consciousness; so i make these questions.


Thank You.



PS: now I want to make a "pericolous" experiment using "-Ofast" that is "-O3 -ffast-math).


Do not take me for crazy .... it's the curiosity that drives me to do this, though aware of the potential instability about some ebuilds.

Beh.... it may be utile for all I think .... :)

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ok..... i was the answer by the freenode/funtoo.


Substantially FFLAGS & FCFLAGS are for Fortran; CPPFLAGS must "null".


If someone has something to explain about this discussion, thanx.


If not .... i'lll close this thread.


Good All For All :)

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